Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dev Update #38 - VRidge 2.1.4 Beta

We have a minor patch release to the Beta channel.

To be able to test out the Beta version - follow the "How to join the VRidge Beta Update channel?" article.

Thanks to your feedback we were able to fix a lot of issues in our Beta release. We also made some quality of life improvements. All the changes are now available in RiftCat Beta channel. With the next update we will push 2.1 version to the public!


  • Added an option that switches between Nolo and phone rotational tracking. This can be used on high-drift phones but has higher latency than phone sensors.
  • VRidge mobile app will now have sticky notification while it's running that lets you enable USB tethering more easily.
  • Moved settings button to the connection screen to allow changing settings without connecting to mobile device first.
  • Added new guides to Discover tab:
    • Redout
    • VR Chat
  • Several new languages added (Thank you for your contribution! We have granted full version of VRidge for active translators.)
    • Czech
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese, Brazilian
    • Russian
    • Danish
    • Turkish


  • Fixed several problems during connection to prevent random crashes mid-stream caused by temporary network problems.
  • Nolo controllers should no longer be detected as Oculus-like input controllers.
  • Updated controller input API to the most recent OpenVR standard. This may solve problems where controllers didn't appear in menus or were not registering key presses.
  • Fixed website language sometimes defaulting to English even if other language was selected.
  • Fixed random (race condition) crash in standalone mode that could occur when SteamVR was running before VRidge.exe was started.
We hope that you will help us out with the tests so we'll be able to bring 2.1 version to everyone as soon as possible. Let us know what do you think about this version in the comments below, our social media or just email us at