Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dev Update #35 - VRidge 2.0 Beta is here!

This is the biggest update so far. VRidge got rewritten from scratch and it has to be released in a different way than our usual update method.

Remember that this is a Beta version of VRidge 2.0 - we need your feedback to fix all potential issues that might come up (there are over 10 000 different Android devices out there - it’s hard to test them all). Please send us feedback, suggestions and bug reports to - it is crucial if we want this update to become a success.

You will be able to track the progress of the bug fixes on this public Trello board: 

What you will find in the VRidge 2.0 Update?

Completely new user interface 

New design with user experience as primary objective. Registration will no longer be required to try VRidge!

Possibility to change quality while streaming 

Need to find the perfect setup? You will no longer need to restart VRidge endlessly to find most suitable settings. Just use LIVE streaming settings to optimize your VRidge experience (advanced live settings are also available).

Much better stability 

Completely new software architecture allowed us to make VRidge software much more stable. No more full software restarts when something fails.

Integrations support (easy add-ons to VRidge) 

We now have much better tools to integrate third party solutions. More on that soon!

Moonlight support 

If you have a modern NVidia card you can use Moonlight streaming instead of VRidge. You might receive better results in terms of latency and image clarity. To learn how to use Moonlight with VRidge - read about it in the Moonlight Basic Guide. 

Multi-language support

We have implemented multi language support. We support English and Polish languages for now. Tell us which languages you would like to see. More coming soon!

Some other stuff 

We won’t spoil everything. You can discover more changes by joining the Beta :)

Minor patches

  • Added diagnostic mode counters (
  • Added native error logging
  • Added custom FPS that can be set in config mid-stream (won't persist through restart, just for testing purposes now)
  • Fixed FPS setting not changing VR FPS which caused increasing latency
  • Fixed installer freezing at 80%
  • Fixed crash loop after switching encoders
  • Fixed Riftcat not being able to stop SteamVR if SteamVR was started as an admin
  • Fixed Oculus SDK games crashing when running without admin.
  • Fixed FreeTrack sometimes crashing app.
  • Fixed NOLO wired (desktop driver) positional tracking.
  • Fixed trial timer sometimes ticking down incorrectly (visual error only).
  • Fixed resolution sometimes not refreshing in UI in basic mode.
  • Fixed file lock problem causing both apps to lock up if error was encounter during settings change.
  • Fixed moonlight distort not being refreshed when .cfg changed.
  • Fixed background update check crashing RiftCat client when Internet went down mid runtime.

The instructions below will help you join the VRidge 2.0 Beta program. 

RiftCat Client (Windows side) 

The client got reworked completely. That’s why you need to install separate application to join the Beta. You can find a RiftCat 2.0 Beta installer HERE or by pressing the button below:
Install the client like any other Windows program. The installer is fairly easy to use and should get you up and running fast.

VRidge App (normal Android version) 

The mobile VRidge 2.0 application is also distributed through a separate channel. Please follow this LINK or by pressing the button below:
You will be prompted to install separate VRidge 2.0 application. Google Play will install the VRidge 2.0 App on your phone after your acceptance.

You can now connect this newly installed app with RiftCat desktop Beta client - enjoy and let us know if you encounter any issues.

VRidge App (GearVR version) 

The VRidge 2.0 application for GearVR can be found on Sideload. Just follow this LINK or by pressing the button below:
The installation process is the same as in normal installation of VRidge for GearVR. To learn how to install applications from Sideload, simply read this guide: