Thursday, July 16, 2020

Dev Update #59 - RiftCat 2.7 - Reprojection for Everyone RELEASED

Reprojection for Everyone is RELEASED
New VRidge 2.7 release brings reprojection capabilities to most mobile phones. Everyone will now have this feature on default (granted that your hardware supports it).

Your VRidge mobile app should update automatically. RiftCat client version stays unchanged.

What does it mean for me?
Basically, if you are using a Cardboard viewer + smartphone with VRidge, you should see much smoother head turning motions while streaming. See our previous blog post.

VR reprojection is one of the most important things that makes everything feel smooth and natural. Without reprojection moving your head has a long response time because the data needs to travel from the mobile device to the PC and back making few stops along the path at different pieces of hardware, each stop adding some latency and inconsistent delays.

Rotational reprojection conceals the delay, smooths out the judder and makes the image respond nearly instantly to your head rotation, as if it was rendered locally. The technique is already used in most PC HMDs and we were already using built-in reprojection where it was possible (Daydream-certified, Oculus mobile and Vive devices) so you might have already used it. This update includes our own reprojection system which makes it possible to support it on much wider range of devices.

This is more important now than ever because as you may have heard – Daydream is no longer supported on the most recent smartphones. While there are many users that use VRidge on Oculus Quest which has the benefits of full 6DOF tracking and motion controllers, there is still a lot of you with regular phones. As you upgrade to the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other great Android devices, we've upgraded our algorithms to keep up with the hardware. We’re happy to announce that with the 2.7 update you will be able to enjoy motion quality similar to Daydream-certified devices. If your device has high-end hardware, we’ve made sure it’s utilized to its full potential.

The new update will work with both Android and iOS devices. VRidge detects your phone capabilities automatically to enable the suitable reprojection mode.

Enjoy Reprojection for Everyone!
If you'll encounter any issues, send an email to where our team will try to quickly resolve your issue.

We hope that you'll enjoy the new update. See you in VR!