Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dev Update #53 - 2.5.1 Beta Update

RiftCat 2.5.1 Beta - GameWarp fixes
We have deployed a patch to our Beta channel that aims to improve the GameWarp experience.

To test the Beta features, learn how to join Beta channels reading THIS guide.

User Experience Improvements
We have realized that we did a very poor job of informing our users how to launch GameWarp and how to turn on Input simulation. 

We made several changes to the RiftCat launcher UI to improve that aspect a little bit.

Mouse pointer will now be captured
When using GameWarp, your game will now properly display the mouse cursor so you can precisely aim in your head even in RTS games (because why not!)

FPS limit will now be respected during capture
Games exceeding 110% of desired FPS will skip frames at regular intervals. For best smoothness, try to limit the game itself (for example, through in-game V-Sync or RivaTuner) to match your phone refresh rate.

Bug fixes and tweaks (GameWarp and other)
  • Moonlight Mode and recenter hotkeys will now be working again.
  • Controllers will now deactivate faster in SteamVR on shutdown.
  • Gamewarp will no longer stop working when game switches between fullscreen and windowed mode.
  • Gamewarp GPU load during capture and streaming is greatly reduced compared to 2.5.0.

We are still waiting for feedback.
This update should bring GameWarp closer to full release but we still need your feedback on how we can improve upon it even further. Don't forget to tell us what you think about it or if you'll encounter any issues. As always, we are waiting for your message at