Thursday, December 12, 2019

Dev Update #55 - GameWarp release!

It's finally LIVE. We have released VRidge update 2.5 which is now available to everyone. It contains GameWarp feature and several other improvements that we made over the last months.

Deployment status:
Platform Version Status Link
PC 2.5 Deployed Link
Google Play 2.5 Deployed Link
iOS App Store 2.5 Deployed Link

GameWarp - prepare for a new VR adventure!

You can now use GameWarp feature to play non-VR games in your VRidge PC VR setup. GameWarp will turn the in-game visuals into SBS (side-by-side) view for you to see in your VR headset. Your head movements and VR controller buttons will also let you control the game.

Using GameWarp is easy - simply press the "Play GameWarp" button in the top bar play menu of RiftCat client.

For more detailed tutorial, simply watch our instructional video:

VRidge was planned to have a higher price since the beginning of its development but we didn't want to just increase the VRidge price and call it a day. We wanted to provide value in exchange of the cost increase. That's why we have decided to make GameWarp a paid expansion feature to VRidge. 

This way, we can make a "soft" price increase of our services while at the same time - keep the VRidge base function in the same affordable cost range so anyone can start with inexpensive PC virtual reality.

Current pricing details are as follows (prices in EUR / USD depending on your region):
Unlocking VRidge - 14.99 EUR / USD
Unlocking GameWarp (requires unlocked VRidge) - 9.99 EUR / USD
Unlocking VRidge + GameWarp in a bundle: 19.99 EUR / USD

Users that have already purchased VRidge will receive a special 50% discount code for GameWarp purchase via email so they can benefit from the bundle purchase discount, too.

VRidge changes

VRidge itself also received some improvements so your experience should now be better!

Better quality for Daydream devices
Daydream phones will have better picture quality due to more uniform resolution scaling.

Gamma correction slider
Display too dark? Simply increase the gamma of your stream with a convenient slider! Works both with VRidge and GameWarp streaming.

Better detection of laptops dedicated GPU 
If you are using a gaming laptop, there is an integrated graphics card available and a dedicated one. VRidge sometimes launches on the weaker, integrated GPU making the experience much worse. VRidge should now do a much better job at detecting such cases.

Fixed controllers detection for Vivecraft
Controllers of Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Focus and other VR headsets will now work in Vivecraft. Playing Minecraft with VRidge will be possible once again to the full extend.

Tilt Brush will work correctly for everyone.
Let loose of your imagination in Tilt Brush. Paint anything you'd like using Oculus Touch, HTC Vive Focus or other controllers. Tilt Brush now works correctly.

Moonlight streaming will no longer be capped at 30 FPS.
If you are a Moonlight user, expect much smoother experience. Due to some mistakes on our side, Moonlight streaming was capped at 30 FPS. Now it will stream correctly.

Fixed AMD RX 5000 series green lines issue.
AMD RX 5000 series GPUs should now work correctly with VRidge.

Final notes
Thank you guys for your Beta testing. With your feedback, we were able to drastically improve GameWarp experience from its initial Beta release. We hope that this release will allow you to rediscover your favorite games in virtual reality.

Don't hesitate to still provide us feedback via! Sharing the information about the new release is also highly appreciated. Have a nice VR time!


  1. Will this work with VR headsets like WMR or will this ONLY work with a phone?

    1. For now, it will only work with VRidge. We will consider doing a standalone GameWarp version based on the popularity of it :)

    2. Wait so gamewarp doesnt work with quest?

    3. The dev said it works with quest

    4. Come on @RiftCat read the room plenty wanting this to work with normal VR headsets.... intercept some of that vorpx know you want to 😉

    5. "based on the popularity of it :)"

      Aka if our paywall shit doesnt sell we will panic and sell gamewarp standalone

  2. I would grab it now...if it did.
    I used Vridge a lot but have now got a headset so the software is not being used.
    Hurry up though as you could open up more market with this and take people from vorpx.
    Thanks for the reply though

  3. I'm so mad at Samsung for not supporting the GearVR on Note10+. I wish I'd known I was losing all my Oculus purchases and VR capabilities before switching out from my Note8...

  4. i dont recieved 50% discount code yet(

  5. will this work with oculus rift (version 1) ?

  6. Cool I'll definitely be hyped for that 50% off code so I can drop even more money on this better than nothing program.

  7. Have these 50% promotion code already been sent? I have bought but did not receive :(

  8. Was excited about GameWarp until I learned it only works for VRidge. Sign me up for standalone version if there are ever any plans for it.

    1. There won't be. They realize they can paywall people with their shit cardboard app.

  9. While waiting for 50% off code in email as a VRidge license owner, since I cannot currently try it without unlocking at full cost... The big question: Does Gamewarp emulate actual stereoscopic depth projection of a 3D scene? (like VorpX, TriDef3D, Reshade Depth3D, nVidia stereoscopic) Or does it merely show a flat 2D plane in a Side-by-Side format? If it did depth projection, you'd think that feature would be boldly proclaimed in Vridge/RiftCat marketing/promo material?

    1. No email with discount code still, but got another email asking if I'd tried out the new Gamewarp feature and that users can enjoy it all weekend - but on all my Vridge/Riftcat Clients on PC, it shows as Gamewarp with a lock icon both when I am logged in to licenced Vridge and when I am using free version... The email linking to this blog post says "VRidge Update 2.5 is now LIVE. Everyone can now try out the new GameWarp feature!" but with GameWarp locked, no-one can 'try out' anything, it just jumps to the store page forcing users to purchase Gamewarp feature.

    2. exactly it was a fucking tease to trick you. dont trust these guys

  10. Still waiting for 50% discount coupon...

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Blank Green screen when starting up Steam VR since this up date, can I roll back?? Help!

  13. Any plans to support games or setups that already have a fully 3D SBS output mode? I have TriDef 3D and would love to use that in conjunction with this - especially if head roll could be made to work with that too.

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  15. Fucking seriously? I just bought Vridge and now youre releasing the one function i wanted to use it for behind a paywall. what a shit company. fuck these guys just go to true vr it isnt worth it to follow these money grubbing devs

    1. Is the orientation drifting issue resolved on this version?