Thursday, December 5, 2019

Dev Update #54 - 2.5.2 Beta Update

RiftCat 2.5.2 Beta - Release candidate
We have deployed another minor patch to Beta channel that should address some reported issues.

To test the Beta features, learn how to join Beta channels reading THIS guide.

  • GameWarp settings can now be saved as profiles
  • Option to stream 3D games with in-game SBS option.
  • Discrete GPU should be selected more reliably for VR streaming. GameWarp should now work if VRidge is launched on integrated GPU on laptops (it will be attempted automatically unless overridden by global settings).
  • Green lines instead of stream on AMD RX 5000 series.
  • Memory leak during pointer image change.
  • GameWarp crashing when device goes to lock screen.
  • GameWarp crashing on launch with FreeTrack active (race condition).
  • StreamView not working with GameWarp.
  • GameWarp being too shaky on Focus (requires Focus build 2.5.2)

Feedback highly appreciated.
This update makes VRidge 2.5 version and GameWarp almost ready for release. As always, we are awaiting your feedback at Hopefully we'll be able to bring you the final version before the end of the year!

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