Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dev Update #38 - VRidge 2.1.4 Beta

We have a minor patch release to the Beta channel.

To be able to test out the Beta version - follow the "How to join the VRidge Beta Update channel?" article.

Thanks to your feedback we were able to fix a lot of issues in our Beta release. We also made some quality of life improvements. All the changes are now available in RiftCat Beta channel. With the next update we will push 2.1 version to the public!


  • Added an option that switches between Nolo and phone rotational tracking. This can be used on high-drift phones but has higher latency than phone sensors.
  • VRidge mobile app will now have sticky notification while it's running that lets you enable USB tethering more easily.
  • Moved settings button to the connection screen to allow changing settings without connecting to mobile device first.
  • Added new guides to Discover tab:
    • Redout
    • VR Chat
  • Several new languages added (Thank you for your contribution! We have granted full version of VRidge for active translators.)
    • Czech
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese, Brazilian
    • Russian
    • Danish
    • Turkish


  • Fixed several problems during connection to prevent random crashes mid-stream caused by temporary network problems.
  • Nolo controllers should no longer be detected as Oculus-like input controllers.
  • Updated controller input API to the most recent OpenVR standard. This may solve problems where controllers didn't appear in menus or were not registering key presses.
  • Fixed website language sometimes defaulting to English even if other language was selected.
  • Fixed random (race condition) crash in standalone mode that could occur when SteamVR was running before VRidge.exe was started.
We hope that you will help us out with the tests so we'll be able to bring 2.1 version to everyone as soon as possible. Let us know what do you think about this version in the comments below, our social media or just email us at 


  1. "Nolo controllers should no longer be detected as Oculus-like input controllers". Any way to make that a toggle? What if the game is expecting that? The trackpad no longer seems to track my thumb movements on the nolo controllers, example in the steamvr tutorial where you used to see your thumb position as you move it around the dial (but the button push seems to trigger ok), one of my games that worked for me in the previous beta no longer functions properly due to this. Can I revert somehow?

  2. I can confirmn the problem with trackapd, which doesn't show the position of thumb. But I didn't find problem with controls - now is possible finished SteamVR Tutorial.
    I have tried btw. Toy Box from Oculus (which is designed for Oculus Controllers) via Revive and controls work OK.
    Which your game don't work now?

  3. Dear developers, Hello! What requirements can there be for the phone to use your application? My phone (Galaxy s4) is suitable for mobile VR, but the beta version (2.0) is not available on the play market. I was already advised to download from the apkpure, but this did not give positive results, just fly to the main screen without any errors. After what time I again returned to this problem, I see that I do not have one access problem, I can assume that somehow everything can work after installing the latest version 2.1.4, again I do not have access to it. Can I get an answer in which I'll find out if I can use this product on my phone?

    1. Unknown, this was my experience . You have to join the beta program by going here and install vridge from the play store. It wont be the latest version at first. The play store should eventually send you the latest beta version of the phone app. It takes a while sometimes, and it should say 2.1.4 at least in your phone vridge version which you can see under your app manager ( not just the desktop client version ).

  4. I received 2.1.4a and the trackpad issue is definitely resolved. As a nolo user, I'd approve of releasing 2.1 despite a few issues that I'll elaborate upon after this, mainly because nolo had limited to no support prior to 2.1 and the wireless feature alone makes it worthwhile imo. A couple issues that I still face. I'm unable to use usb tethered mode. It simply wont connect, just tries forever (I use an htc10 on nougat btw). For that reason, plus the convenience of wireless mode, I'll probably run out and get a 5ghz wireless AP. Right now I use a 2.4ghz and I have to deal with frequent reconnects and lots of jitter. The other issue, again that I can deal with, but it didnt happen pre-2.1.4 is when I hit stop to disconnect, something screws up with steamvr and it's not able to reconnect, steamvr gives an 'uh oh' error. Even stopping it and starting it doesnt matter, I have to reboot to get everything to connect again.

    1. I had usb issues helped switching from a usb 2 port to a USB 3 port, even though I was still using a USB 2 only connection. Also, try a different USB cable, some only do charging, others do data and charging.

    2. ok, this is slightly embarrassing but I'm going to come clean just in case it happens to anyone else in the future. It wasn't the cable, or the port. Basically I was using a custom ROM and kernel on my phone. I had been running that way for so long, the thought never even crossed my mind. I reflashed the phone with HTC's kernel and the problems went away. I feel bad for reporting a bug that I essentially created.

  5. spent a full hour on it last night in wireless nolo mode. It was solid. I played till my phone battery died and I could no longer stand the heat from my phone in the headset. tonight I'll try usb tether

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