Monday, October 15, 2018

Dev Update #44 - Beta fix package

We have just released a smaller Beta update for VRidge. It's a package of several fixes that we wanted to release as soon as possible.

Our big "Tracking Update" is still coming up and it's very close by so stay tuned for good news!

With this 2.2.8 Beta patch we have new advanced configuration options that some of you requested:
Minor improvements:
  • Fixed freeze in SteamVR driver if VRidge was stopped at unfortunate moment.
  • Updated NVENC compatibility detection to properly detect GeForce 2000 series cards.
  • Crashes will now log more data to vridge.log file.
This patch updates only RiftCat desktop client. If you'd like to try it out, simply switch to Beta channel in RiftCat client options. You can also learn how to join Beta channel here.

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