Monday, January 21, 2019

Dev Update #46 - Tracking Update Beta Release Candidate

We have just released an update to our Beta channel. This version is a release candidate that will get pushed to stable update channel quite soon. Expect some good news to come!

This patch changes:
  • Added Greek, Swedish & Japanese language
  • Added a "missing windows component" popup with a download link to fix one Win 7 crash.
  • Added a way for emulated controllers to work in single-hand only mode (to be paired with 3DOF controller or other options).
  • Added configurable System-press event delay for controller emulation.
  • PC app will now ask for admin rights to fix itself if user deletes Config folder in Program Files.
  • Fixed a crash happening on Mirage Solo during app pause & restart.
  • Fixed Xbox-controller player's movement speed.
  • Fixed API networking crash in PC app.
  • Fixed native Enet networking crash in Android app.
  • Fixed ARCore not starting when camera see-through was enabled.
  • Improved error reporting in NVENC.
  • Improved VRidge-API (more details @ our GitHub soon)
Enjoy trying it out :) Let us know as soon as you will find any errors. Every piece of feedback is highly valuable!

To learn how to try out the Beta version, simply follow this guide.


  1. Amazing work. I follow these extremely closely, and love the clarity and information put into these reports. Looking forward to testing out this build on my S9 :)

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