Friday, May 21, 2021

Dev Update #60 - Beta Android 11 bug fixes.


Minor VRidge update.

Hello RiftCats. It's been some time since the last time we wrote.

Today, we have released a Beta update for VRidge. The update focused on addressing several bug fixes that came up with the release of newest phones and Android 11.

New changes in Android VRidge version 2.7.9 include:

  • App should no longer start with black screen on Samsung devices.
  • App should now correctly support high refresh rate displays (e.g. 120Hz)
  • Devices with Variable Refresh Rate should now switch to highest available refresh rate for better and smoother experience.

To test the Beta features, learn how to join Beta channels by reading THIS guide. After testing this release on a Beta channel for some time, we will push it to everyone.

What's going on at RiftCat?

You might have noticed that we didn't make too many VRidge releases over the past several months. The reason for that is that we consider VRidge to be everything we ever wanted it to be from the very beginning:
  • It's an inexpensive entry point to PC VR using simple Google Cardboard headset using any mobile operating system (Android, iOS) and any VR ready PC configuration (NVidia, AMD graphics cards).
  • We have created our own stable backend with reprojection that provides smooth 3DOF headtracking experience.
  • It supports various standalone headsets like HTC Vive Focus, Oculus Quest, GearVR and other headsets that came and went away throughout the years. Most of these headsets start to rollout their own streaming solutions now so we are not pushing there further.
  • VRidge supports various plugins and extensions that increase its capabilities further.
  • Everything in an easy to use package with tutorials, quite good UX, generally pretty optimal experience and active support at 
With this in mind, we consider VRidge to be a software product that is complete. We could make a new minor feature here and there but it would not change the overall perception of it. We simply consider VRidge to be in "the maintenance mode" where we are making sure that VRidge works and is operational. There are other factors for this decision which some of you might have read about in detail at this Reddit post. We might of course release something big when a new technology will come up but for now nothing major is planned.

In short, VRidge will still work - it is a good product that we'll make sure is operational :)

What's next?

VR market is still being shaped by the major players. We had several of huge corporations in this space, before they cancelled their VR products (Google Daydream) or switched to enterprise VR solutions (HTC). The whole landscape of VR became unsustainable for such small company as RiftCat, so we need to make some strategic change or we would fade into nothing with time.

Gaming is what brought us to the VR in the first place, that's why we made a decision to shift to something we always dreamed of - game development. We are working on our first game designed for mobile with aspiration of being as fresh in mobile gaming space as VRidge was for VR industry when it first came out.
It is still quite early in development, but the game will be of a tycoon/strategic type, heavily influenced by games like Transport Tycoon: Deluxe, Anno series and Industry Giant. We cannot wait to show you what we came up with so await more news from our team!


  1. why no magnetometer? please Drift is terrible with Gyroscope on some places/phones.

  2. Looking forward to the game.

  3. Can i use the 3DOF also with my Xiaomi mobile phone please can someone answer me id like to buy it and than the riftcat Premium

    1. In theory you just need to look up whether your particular model has a gyro sensor. If yes, you can use it, if no, you can't.

      HOWEVER, seeing as they've now announced that they're not planning to ever add the drift correction that existed in VRidge Classic, I would say that you're essentially gambling. There's no way to know, the 10min demo doesn't give you enough time to see if you'll be re-centering so often that it's not really playable.
      So I'd highly discourage you from buying it unless you really have nothing better to do with the money. You're probably better off ordering a pizza for it.

    2. W 2018 pisałem opinie o produkcie, dałem 3 gwiazdki za brak płatności google, dostałem odpowiedź o wprowadzaniu innych metod.Jest 2021 a dalej nie widzę takiej opcji😔

    3. My vridge / riftcat is perpetually off center and i would like the ability to recenter or reframe it

  4. i looking forward to playing can`t wait

  5. So no intent of ever adding the magnetometer feature that was available in VRidge 1? That's a real shame, I really hoped I'd just have to wait for a future update and I'd eventually actually get to use it. As it is, the drift is just unbearable.

  6. Hello Everyone! I m really happy because you sent me this e-mail, i bought your product, but i wasn t used it more than a hour because:
    1. Overclocking - My phone is getting hot really fast
    2. Controls are piece of ...
    3. I must press reset button everytime.
    Suggestion: Redesign viewmode in android, you may use something like a webserver and then a stream on your servers, our phones connect to you and voila petformance may be ok and cooling too.
    Make the UI movable in hand app. Thank you <3

  7. I'm happy I paid for my copy of VRidge as its served it's purpose in the wild west days of Mobile VR. It was as ground breaking, as it is innovative. Riftcat/vridge truly helped push the VR movement to what it is today.

    Had I not had the ability to experiment with PC VR on my phone. I may not have ever invested In a entry and mid lvl VR hardware. (Gear VR, Quest2, Vive).

    You guys helped people sitting on the VR fence and gracefully pointed them In the right direction. The PC VR industry owes you guys.

    Best Wishes,
    Paul N.