Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dev update #3

Screen dimensions (viewport) should now be correct 

We fixed some issues that caused viewport to be too small/aligned incorrectly. IPD/lens params should now be correctly configured by scanning QR code on your cardboard viewer. Manual tuning will come in the future.

Solved some of the "Trying to connect/restoring" errors.

Some of you experienced infinite trying to reconnect -> restoring -> connected -> streaming -> trying to reconnect... loop.
It was caused by packets arriving out-of-order or overflowing. We simplified connection handshake and moved it to TCP instead of UDP so it should not happen anymore because of this.

Got rid of artifacts on fast connections (USB mostly)

Sometimes frames were arriving too fast and Android could not process them fast enough. In this scenario some frames were dropped which caused constant artifacts and floating pixels. We increased socket buffer size so it no longer overflows.

It's still only 30FPS (but you can change it!)

Currently some devices have trouble with decoding 60FPS stream so default is 30FPS.
You can unlock 60 FPS by creating empty file named "unlocksmooth.cfg" in {RiftCatInstallationFolder}/Config directory. More options (resolution, bitrate, etc) will be available in configuration window in the next patch.

Updated auto-updater's updating flow

~1% of you had to reinstall every update because auto-updater was always failing to complete updating process. Now it should no longer happen but one last uninstall + clean install from website will be required (because if you had this problem - updater cannot update itself). We also added a window that will display update progress and point you to log files if something goes wrong. You can send us those logs and we'll know how to fix it.

Added confirmation prompt for new updates.

Automatically updating could force-close any games you were running through VRidge and it wasn't nice behaviour. Sorry!

Added comm protocol versions

If you are running incompatible Android app with the most recent desktop client you will see a message asking you to update Android app from Google Play.

Added extra checks for hardware encoders

If you upgraded from Nvidia to AMD recently and did not reinstall Windows some driver files were left. In this case VRidge was crashing 100% of the time because VRidge was attempting to use Nvidia encoder. We now check for actual physical hardware presence before encoder is selected. We also added a message that will be shown if your OS/Video card is not supported.

Small fixes:

  • Fixed random NullReferenceException crash during encoding.
  • Fixed one more case where SocketException could crash randomly.
  • Removed USB interfaces without proper IP from connection list. 169.254.*.* (auto-IP) is no longer accepted as valid IP address.

That's it! We probably broke something else (like VRidge tab last week for some people) but we'll be hotfixing any critical errors on Friday. Have a great weekend!


  1. even after 3rd update I still get trying to restore active session, infinitely after starting the game. tried both wifi and usb tethering, firewall off on windows.

    1. Could you send us your log files contained within RiftCat/Logs folder? Send them to we'll be able to help you from there.

  2. What about a Samsung Gear VR support ? Can we expect it anytime soon ?
    Thanks for your amazing work !

    1. We wish to add it but we have to fix all the issues with standard VRidge first. I cannot say the timeframe we'll be able to release support for GearVR.

  3. Loop still happens sometimes and the stream isn't aligned well to the lenses (The overlay with the notices etc. are displayed correctly though)

    1. Could you please send us an email about this issue?

  4. Hello, with the new update I still have problems with wifi connection (trying to connect... / restoring connection... /Streaming, your game should see game stream/ Awaiting for vr stream), the usb works much better but there is the Awaiting for vr stream message. I tried to launch The lost valley with the riftcat desktop, and Henry trailer (is that possible to play to oculus share games ? )
    Thanks !

    1. Yes, Oculus Share games built with 0.6+ SDK should work. Can you please send log files from {RiftCat Installation folder}/logs/ directory to

  5. Gyroscop dont work anymore for me on that update was working fine on previous

    1. Please send us log files from {RiftCat Installation folder}/logs/ directory to

      Also, did you update to Android 6.0 from 5.0 since last Riftcat update?

  6. Nvidia? Not a bug, simply not implemented yet. We'll be adding Win7-8.1 Nvidia support soon once we get finish configuration options and squash some bugs related to 6.0 and Nexus devices.

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  8. Latest update fails to complete....