Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dev update #4

Mobile version 0.7.7 is out on Play Store and version of desktop client should auto-update on restart. This week we were focused to give you configuration options since a lot of you asked for them. Here they are.

Viewport is now confgurable

You can tap cogwheel at the bottom of streaming screen and use sliders to configure IPD and scale. Reducing scale may increase your field of view (depends on your Cardboard and lenses). Try different settings and pick whatever works best for you. Distortion coefficients are also still configurable by scanning your QR code.

Green background fits here, right?

Streaming settings

You may now configure stream quality to make it work perfectly with your connection method. 
Stream quality is configurable at the last screen in desktop client.

UI is still work in progress 

Default is suggested by your phone but for reasons unknown some phones report incorrect capabilities at 60 FPS. We do not limit those settings and you may go above your phone recommendation but default presets will respect whatever your phone reported as its limit.

If you want to go above/below UI limits you can edit Config/vridgeQuality.cfg file. Using unsupported values will usually make VRidge crash but I'm sure some of you enjoy experimenting with that stuff. This file is always written (and overwritten) when you:
  • connect your phone with VRidge
  • click "Save" button
This means you need to make your experimental edits after connecting but before starting new game.

SDK 1.3 not support yet

Oculus SDK 1.3 was released at Rift's launch day. Few titles use it and work great with CV1 but a lot of stuff has changed. We hope to have support for Rift CV1 and Vive VR titles in few weeks but we need to adapt our hooking methods to emulate them properly. A lot of you asked for Elite: Dangerous, Virtual Desktop and some other great games/software. We are working hard to bring it to VRidge but we need at least few weeks to get it right. Don't worry - beta isn't ending before we make it work.

Nexus 5X/6P still broken

We were focused to get config options right and couldn't get those devices in time. Sorry!


  1. Cannot wait to test it this evening!

  2. You guys are doing some awesome work in bring entry level VR to everyone. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to SteamVR compatibility!

  3. I still get unsupported GPU encoder. 980ti Win8.1

    1. Windows 8.1 Nvidias are still in works. We're doing whole alternative implementation for GeForces since Nvidia did not backport some driver components back to Win 7 & 8.1.

    2. What would you recommend to those with windows 7/8.1 and Nvidia? Should we uninstall riftcat to avoid pointless update prompts [comeback in a few months to a year] or should we leave riftcat to auto-update [a soon pending patch]?

      Riftcat seems like an amazing project/product, though, I feel like it is a tad unnecessary to have installed for now. I can still do a bug report but, I can say/dump nothing that has not been already said/dumped: "Encoders not present"

    3. @MarcTBG

      Riftcat does not automatically start with your system so you won't get update prompts unless you run it yourself. You don't need to submit bug reports related to this thing because we are aware why it happens:

      Nvidia did not update its encoding Media Founation drivers to support Windows 7 & 8.1, AMD updated theirs.
      Now developers have two options:
      - Use Windows 8.1+ API to support AMD and Nvidia (AMD works fine on Windows 8.1+, Nvidia decided its not worth their time)
      - Use Nvidia proprietary driver to support Nvidias on Win 7-10 but leave all AMD users without support at all.

      We decided to go with option #1 first but we will implement option #2 as well. We are not leaving Win 7 & 8.1 Nvidia users behind.
      When? I hope second half of April. Definitely not this week or the next because it's not a simple task.

  4. My rift cat does not update and i have reinstalled but that did not help

    1. Hi
      1. Can you send update.log from {RiftCat folder}/Logs directory to
      2. If you are running antivirus software please disable it for update process (Avast, Symantec, Avira sometimes lock files and prevent update from starting up properly).

  5. there is no update.log only clientslog.txt

    1. 1. Do you use anti-virus/security software?
      2. When does the update fail?
      3. Do you see any error messages? Can you please copy and paste it?

    2. dont worry fixed the problem. I uninstalled Avast and restarted my PC and it works. Thanks for all the help. Also it would be great if you could add warthunder support

    3. Sweet. Avast Deep Screen is known to cause issues with installers/updaters all around the world. Please use another AV or disable Deep Screen when you install stuff.

  6. 1. I use Avast antivirus free
    2. when I open rift cat it says preparing updates then in task manager it opens updater but there is no network usage, cpu usage or drive usage
    3. there are no errors

  7. Can't wait for thursday update. Hope nexus 6p will get a fix :D

    1. I'm 99% Nexus 6P/5X will be fixed.

      With great help of many awesome people around the world we finally found what was causing it. The fix was tested by several people with both 6P/5X with positive results.

      It will be mostly bug-fixing update with no new features but the bugs were giving us a headache for few weeks so we had to deal with them. :)

      And if somehow Nexus 5x/6p compatibility breaks again, we've got one ordered and scheduled for delivery later this week.

      Things are looking good! :)

    2. Wow thanks for the infos. You guys are great !! :D