Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dev Update #42 - VRidge 2.2.5 Beta (Release Candidate)

We have additional Beta patch release that addresses the issues reported with the Beta version. This version is a release candidate so if there are no major issues it will go live to everyone in a short time.

To learn how to join beta testing, see the article here.

Of course we are still in the testing phase of features added with 2.2 patch as well. You can read about them here.

Deployment status:
Viveport: awaiting approval
Oculus Home: awaiting approval
Google Play: in beta @ 2.2.5 (join)

New distribution method for Gear VR and Oculus Go

We are awaiting approval at Oculus Home - please use normal Sideload method for now
Installing Gear VR and Oculus Go version was really troublesome. That’s why we intend to finally make VRidge available on Oculus Home store. Before we do that, we need a way to easily install Beta releases for this devices - Beta versions cannot be live on the store as it’s opt-in only.

That’s why we went for code distribution method. Every RiftCat user will be able to generate special key code which will install VRidge Beta after entering it in Oculus Home store. To learn how it works - simply read our tutorial here.

New languages available

Thanks to your great translation effort via CrowdIn we were able to update previously added languages and deploy six new ones. These languages are:
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Bulgarian
There might still be mistakes in translations but we believe that with each review phase at CrowdIn our community will be able to make them perfect.

You guys are awesome and are doing tremendous job. We strongly believe that we have the best VR community there is - we can always count on you, that’s why we will do our best to never let you down!


Multiple Android optimizations
CPU usage should be lower across all Android devices.
  • On average, you should see 15-20% system CPU load instead of 50-60%
  • This also means that heat generation should be significantly lower resulting in less "device too hot to run VR" errors.
  • In extremely rare cases this may lower VRidge performance. See this explanation to disable those optimizations.
Image should now be crisper on some Daydream devices.
This should be quite noticeable at 1440p resolution as unintentional downscaling and filtering was in effect until now.

Field of View values of headset are now properly passed to SteamVR.
It should improve image quality, especially on headsets with asymmetric FoV.

Changed the way "End of Trial session" message is being displayed to user.
Instead of displaying message (in one eye only due to very old bug) it will go back to lobby with localized notification message.

Reworked connection screen and added dedicated AIO installation buttons.
This will be expanded upon as we apply to Oculus and Daydream storefronts.


  • Fixed Nolo wireless mode coords going out of sync after recentering. Wired mode didn't have this problem.
  • Fixed Oculus Go / Gear VR touchpad jumping to top-left corner for a split second after taking the finger off the touchpad.
  • You will no longer be able to switch encoder when HEVC is enabled. This doesn't hot-switch on mobile side and it was freezing VRidge.
  • VRidge logo no longer will be upside down on startup on some devices.
  • Fixed a crash on startup that could happen when FreeTrack was enabled.
  • Reduced error spam in RiftCat.log related to DialogHost errors
  • VRidge's recenter hotkey will be disabled when mobile device is driving positional tracking.
    • This fixes system going out of sync when positional tracking was in effect and user pressed recenter hotkey.
    • In this case, the device should use its own recenter. With Vive Focus, for example, taking the headset off and on will reset its coords system.
  • steamvr.vrsettings read-only flag will now be automatically switched off. If the file still remains locked, error message will be displayed instead of crashing.
    • Generally other software should never lock this file but certain drivers aren't always interop-friendly.
  • VRidge and SteamVR should now automatically start on dedicated GPU, if available.
    • This should fix a crash on Nvidia Optimus laptops.
  • VRidge.log will now contain information which GPU drives VRidge.


  • [August 2nd] Fixed driver crash on Windows 7.
  • [August 3rd] Fixed invalid projection (incorrect vertical FOV) on certain Daydream headsets (Daydream View being one of those).
  • [August 6th] Revert: VRidge's recenter hotkey will be disabled when mobile device is driving positional tracking.

Closing notes

This update brings us very close to final 2.2 version release. We don’t expect any major issues with this version but if anything will show up, let us know - it is very important to make this version error free. Soon every VRidge user with Vive SDK, Daydream SDK and Oculus SDK compatible device will be able to have fun with jitterless VRidge!

Thank you for all your work during tests. We hope that you will have a pleasant experience during this last testing phase.


  1. SteamVR now stretches for me when I look around... Pretty sure this just happened

    1. What phone and VR viewer are you using?

    2. Update: Vertically asymmetric FOV headsets (such as Daydream View) are going to fixed tomorrow.

    3. Yes, Daydream on a Pixel 2, that was me btw, didn't realize it would post anonymously

    4. Me again, just wanted to let you know that:

      Fixed invalid projection (incorrect vertical FOV) on certain Daydream headsets (Daydream View being one of those).

      worked perfectly! Thank you so much!! :D

  2. Where is the version to download for the Go? thx

    1. I tried the one on Google Play and it gives me the same problem as the last time; ie positions me lying down, looking at the floor.

    2. The support document has been updated with the correct link to the Go version. It works now. Thanks!

  3. I am unable to use Oculus home because my phone refuses to install Facebook. Thus unable to install anything from the Oculus store. I cannot even enjoy my gear VR fully because of this. Would it be possible to get it via another method? I do have a purchased version.

    1. You can continue to use SideloadVR for now. We'll see if we can figure out replacement for Gear VR users without Oculus home.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So far, the updates have been fantastic.

  5. You should allow the phone camera on vridge that way you can have inside out tracking.

    1. Inside-out positional tracking works much better with two cameras. One camera is something we've been experimenting with with ARCore but it was put on hold due to some problems.

  6. Sorry but for me its not a very great news.. Users like me have devices with a Lot of drift... Im playing with a moto g5S plus and have binded a Button on joystick to recenter...so i Could recenter each Time that the device drifts. Could you add a switch to block or not such feature? Because for me is a death to the ve expierence on riftcat. Thanks for the updates btw, shows how much effort you putt into this. Keep it up! And greetings from Argentina!

    1. What positional tracking are you using? Recenter is only disabled in 2.2.5 only if external tracking source is in effect. It should work normally if you're only using rotationally tracked device.

    2. After some discussion, we're gonna roll back the
      "VRidge's recenter hotkey will be disabled when mobile device is driving positional tracking"
      change next week.

      There are very few cases where this actually breaks things and can certainly improve experience in cases where you use mobile phone combined with Nolo.

  7. Update great in terms of visuals. With lg g4 on 1440p now everything looks way better. Also fov for me is very good. Unfortunatly there is downside related to android cpu optimisation. Now it feels like 30 fps despite is set to 60. I tried, as was written in explanation, to set mode to aggressive, but it resulted in mobile app crash.

    1. And, what is strange, phone still gets warm fast as before.

    2. 1. Does setting resolution down to 1080p bring back the smoothness?
      2. Since we can't find anything from G4 in our crash reporting, could you please manually send Android crash logs? See article below:


    3. Ad 1. After set 1080p it is still choppy as with 1440p.

    4. Link for log: https://nofile.io/f/tX59ts5VnB9/VridgeLogcat.log

    5. Please contact us at support@riftcat.com to follow up on this problem more easily since it seems to be isolated issue. Use the same name or write a quick note that you are Przemysław from blog comments so we'll know that's you.

  8. Very interesting. Version 2.2.3 worked as a charm, but this 2.2.5 is very choppy with the same configuration (GearVR + S8), it's obviously unusable for me. The same happens after reinstalling both the desktop and the mobile apps. Strange...

    1. Can you check if any of those options help?


    2. We tried to reproduce it with our S8 (Exynos) + Gear VR w/ controller and we can't seem to run into any performance problems.

  9. I use Gear VR and S7, with a 500Mbs 5.4GHz wifi connection, here are the results:
    Recenter function on gearVR touchpad still not working like in previous version;
    Frame losses randomlly with artifacts even if I keep rates as low as 1 Mbps. Usually it takes 5 seconds with a good connection and then comes artifacts, again and again, even if a push the rate down to 1 Mbs... which is unusable. My PC is stable at 325 Mbps, my smartphone at minimum of 236 Mbps. I have already tried to bring the router closer, which gave me 580Mbps but the artifacts and frame losses persists. I changed my computer, tried another one, no way. Wifi always gives me too much losses. USB connection is ok on the other hand, it is ok with the other version of vridge.

    1. Touchpad-recenter was removed as it was using the same input path as controller input but I understand that it might be still useful for users with older Gear VR headsets. We might add an option to toggle between controller/touchpad mode in next version.

      As for the other problems, please contact us at support@riftcat.com as it looks like an isolated problem.

      We will leave 2.1.5 on Sideload and create more options to sideload older builds for users preferring to stick to older versions in the future.

  10. Nolo controller touchpad stopped working with this version. I only tested in wired USB mode, so not sure if it applies to wireless mode.

    1. If it's only touchpad that's not working, that is probably Nolo issue unless you can confirm that it worked in 2.1.5 version.

      Nolo controller input is handled independently from Riftcat in wired mode.

    2. it definitely worked in 2.1.5. how can I revert to that version? any other nolo users out there that can confirm this behavior? even wireless mode is not working right with the controller tracking.

  11. Can two Gear VR 2017 controllers be used? (Galaxy S9 owner)

    When can we expect the ARCore release that was hyped? :)

    1. Unfortunately no, two controllers can't be used.

      As for the ARCore, we will reevaluate bringing it with next big update (2.3).

    2. Driver4vr allows this. If gear vr controller is not yet implemented (not sure) Greg has said it is coming soon.

  12. Redmi 5 plus and Vridge 2.2.5 = after the VR mode is turned on in the Riftcat, the dead picture of Steam Room appears on the phone, and the computer reconnects to the phone every 5 seconds.
    (I have bad English, google translator shit.)