Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dev Update #51 - Oculus Quest release.

We have decided that it's time to go out of Beta for Oculus Quest. All changes that were available at the Beta channel will now be deployed for everyone.

We tried to get VRidge into an official Oculus Quest store but due to their content requirements we will have to keep our current installation process described here. We did our best to make the process as easy as possible so it shouldn't cause too many troubles.

We hope that VRidge for Oculus Quest will provide you with hours of awesome experience :)

Your RiftCat client should automatically update. No mobile update is required to get the new changes.


Button mapping for Oculus Quest
All button mappings should now be correct. Oculus Quest experience shouldn't differ from normal Oculus Rift S experience when in comes to hand tracking and input.

Controllers 3D model

Whenever you will use Oculus Quest with VRidge, your controllers will now appear as Oculus Rift S controllers in 3d space. Their physical appearance is basically the same as those of Oculus Quest so your experience with VRidge should be more comfortable.
iOS USB Tethering
With updates RiftCat client, you will now be able to connect iOS phone via USB cable. To learn how to connect VRidge for iOS via USB, read our guide.

Languages update

We have deployed Serbian language (thank you for your translation effort!) and updated existing languages with your fixes. Thank you for all of your contribution.

Minor changes:

  • Added Oculus Quest installation instructions to connection screen.
  • Improved headset type detection within games for better input and 3d model recognition.

Enjoy the new update! As always, let us know if you'll have any issues with updated version. You can reach our support team at


  1. Any plan on supporting cloud computers such as Shadow?

  2. Can i get 1 free gift.I will make youtube video of it then i can send it back


  3. Any plans to bring usb thetering for oculus quest?

  4. Did you fix the joystick button functionality? Fallout 4 needs this to be Playable.

  5. Hi dose anyone who has oculus quest dose anyone know will it play American truck simulator

  6. I would love to see USB tethering for the Quest!

    1. Absolutely! That is all I want in life right now. Ugh!

  7. I just ran the Quest installation again but now when I try to run the app on my quest, it crashes. Could you provide any help?

  8. I like Riftcat for oculus Quest, still better than alvr and virtual desktop.. I can play steamvr games with smooth.. but I have still problem with hotspot, every 2 minutes my stream slow response for a few second.. and then smooth again.. can you fix this? I use gtx 860m.. I hope I can play with smooth on my pc via wifi..

  9. Please support AMD display card in Win7 you can use AMD's Advanced Media Framework (AMF) library.


      Version 1.4 includes support for the H.265 encoder(HEVC) and bug fixes.
      Version 1.4.4 includes support for FFMPEG 3.3.1 and bug fixes.
      Version 1.4.6 has support for Game DVR and bug fixes.
      Version 1.4.7 has support for Video Stitching and bug fixes.
      Version 1.4.9 has support for Vulkan® and Linux® along with bug fixes (Vulkan encoder supports H.264 only).