Thursday, May 30, 2019

Dev Update #50 - Oculus Quest Beta version and iOS update.

Hello RiftCats!

We have an update for you which we hope will make your VRidge experience even better. To make use of these changes, you'll need to use RiftCat Beta client. To learn how to try out the Beta version, simply follow this guide.

VRidge (Beta) for Oculus Quest

As many of you already know, we have released an Oculus Quest version of VRidge as a Preview version. You can see how it works in action by watching this video:

The installation of Oculus Quest version is a bit clunky but we have written a guide to help you install VRidge Beta for Oculus Quest with relative ease:


If you already had VRidge Preview version for Oculus Quest installed, simply rerun the script described in the above article to update.

What's new

Controllers in SteamVR will now be visible as Oculus Touch controllers.

We are using Oculus Touch model to represent your hands in VR when using Oculus Quest. They have very similar shape and using them provides us the following benefits:
  1. Game developers that created PC VR games often had Oculus Touch controllers in mind when creating their games - ensuring that games will work reliably with this controller mapping.
  2. Oculus Touch controllers have 3D model which is fully animated (you can see button presses in VR).
  3. Oculus Touch controllers are physically similar to Oculus Quest controllers which allowed us to adjust them accordingly.
We hope that with this controller mapping you will play the games close to the native PC VR experience :)

Keybindings improvement and fixes

You should now be able to freely operate SteamVR games by using Oculus Quest joysticks. Also, we have fixed an issue with right joystick pressess not registering in SteamVR.

All buttons should now work properly.

VRidge for iOS

We didn't forget about iOS users - we have several improvements for you too.

What's new

USB tethering should now work with iOS

We have received many requests to make iOS version of VRidge work with USB cable. We have found the root cause of why it didn't work in the first place and now if you'd like to use VRidge tethered you can easily do so.

QuickSync encoder fixed for iOS

iOS version had issues with QuickSync encoder. It should work properly now when using it as streaming encoder.

Required iOS version lowered to 11

Some of you asked us to enable VRidge installation on lower version of iOS than 12. We thought that due to the most recent AppStore requirements it won't be possible but we found a way! If you have an older iOS version, give VRidge a try.

Various fixes and improvements for stability

VRidge for iOS received a multitude of minor fixes which should make it much more stable.

Final words

This update should bring iOS and Oculus Quest version to a state of which we are really happy about. We will continue to bring you improvements but as of now it should bring you a lot of fun time in VR.

Also, if you thought about making a video or streaming VR games with VRidge. We made a small article on how our little StreamView tool can help you. Read about it here:

See you in VR!


  1. God damit nice update:P I installed version 2 a day ago played around with it today had some joystick issues, thought i fixed it..i think? time to bookmark this page and install version 3:)

    1. Yes tried it now i could pick up items in skyrim :)
      Thought the joysticks are still jittery in the any? system menu exept steam, it like i senses you pressed down and up, down down, up and sometimes down down up up... you get the point. takes a few tries to enter the correct menu. left and right seems to work well thought. (thought its just one push usaly.its couse it more of a scroll i guess :(
      dunno where to type this info.

    2. My controllers still look like vive controllers.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Big question okay.. can I buy a computer without a ginormous graphics card?

  4. What router is the guy in the video using?

  5. I thank you guys for this innovative development.It makes it possible to be way ahead of any actual official development that brings standalone to pcvr.Jesus Christ is mankind's sole hope to make our souls to from holes to whole.

  6. I did the update to my pc and quest but its tsill not showing touch controls but only vive ones.

  7. Hey did you guys get the and issues sorted out?😬

  8. I can see the touch controls so I know it updated but the menu buttons and grip do not work. I can only see the trigger and A/B X/Y buttons move; nothing else moves. The joystick works in game but is not visible moving in SteamVR. All in all I'd rather go back to the old version as the grip is absolutely critical to just about every game I wanted to play.

  9. Thanks for your efforts! I have a question, but maybe this not the place for it... How I can use USB tethering in windows 10 with the oculus quest? I tried to connecting with a USB yesterday, but when I launch the app it tries to connect with wifi.

    1. The text
      Wifi, usb
      in the app are buttons,
      press to make usb to make it "blue"

      I used usb c to usb c with a laptop worked, thougth the 5ghz worked better for some reason when i compared, well could be laptop that is crappy

    2. Somehow RiftCar doesn't connect with the original USB-c to USB-c cable provided with the Oculus Quest even with the USB button selected. It's just stuck at "Seeking connection". Through 5GHz I have a bit of a delay and sometimes aritfacts. That's why I wanted to try out the tethered mode before buying RiftCat.

  10. Hello! I have received the email for translation contribution in order to get a free Vridge copy. My question is, how is the free copy redeemed? Do we receive an email? Do we need to link the account?

  11. Hello! I have received the email for translation contribution in order to get a free Vridge copy. My question is, how is the free copy redeemed? Do we receive an email? Do we need to link the account?

  12. Hmmmm... just tested it out... works fine, but now my hands/controllers are swapped

    1. I've seen this as well, but it seems random. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are swapped.

  13. Great work! I've tried Skyrim, Talos, and Surv1v3, and except for Surv1v3 they are playable. I can't seem to move in Surv1v3 no matter how I try to tweak the game settings.