Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dev Update #49 - VRidge 2.4 is LIVE - iOS released!

It's been a long time but we finally were able to finish what many of you have waited for. iOS version of VRidge is now LIVE! VRidge 2.4 is released to everyone - your mobile app and RiftCat desktop client will automatically update.

Deployment status:
Platform Version Status Link
PC 2.4 Deployed Link
iOS App Store 2.4 Deployed Link

iOS version released

Finally VRidge can now be used with iPhones so simply update RiftCat client and download VRidge from iOS App Store to have fun with PC VR!

Spread the news to all your friends that couldnt use VRidge before because of their phone model. Let them also have a try at inexpensive PC VR :)

AMD GPUs fixed

Specific AMD GPUs chipsets like Vega had an issue with certain resolutions which showed up as a pixelated screen with green lines. 

The issue is now fixed so AMD users with Vega cards should now be able to enjoy VRidge without issues :)

New languages deployed

With your tremendous help via CrowdIn we were able to bring in additional languages to VRidge. This time we are releasing 7 additional languages:
  • Estonian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Slovakian
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese
Thank you for your help. VRidge now supports a total of 22 languages!

Final notes

VRidge now works with basically every major mobile platform. Thanks to your support we were able to reach that point. We are very grateful that you helped us with VRidge improvements over the years. 

Let us know your feedback about VRidge 2.4. As always, reach us at - our team will be able to see it.


  1. Hi! Thanks for IOS update. Does Vridge support Oculus Quest?

  2. Very interested to know what this is like on quest I know it will take sometime to do but any early thoughts from the team would be great to hear

  3. good work keep it up: check swift codes <a href=""Codes Safe

  4. Is there any plan to integrate AMD's Advanced Media Framework to improve streaming?

  5. Im having tracking issue with my OnePlus5T, tracking is awfully slow and choppy. framerate of graphics is great though.

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  7. Seting ArcoreTrackingEnabled to true causes wrong axis orientation. When moving head left/right, scene moves forward/backward and when i move head forward/backward, scene moves left/right. Is there some config setting to swiwtch axis?

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