Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dev update #13

UPDATED - Known issues:
  • Increasing render scale decreases image quality instead of increasing it. Oops.
  • New SteamVR installation may fail with Compositor error (400).
    • Workaround: Try changing quality settings to anything else than defaults. Automatic hotfix will be available in 1-2 hours
Working on it. 

Client update deployed with fixes to both above problems.


This week we've been mostly working on new layout in preparation for 1.0 release. In this update we include several fixes, tweaks and new option for even better image quality.

New options in update #13

Mixed tracking mode (FreeTrack position + phone orientation)

You can now select new tracking mode that will take FreeTrack positional data but will keep using phone rotational data. This is useful when you have low-framerate tracking setup (30FPS camera for example). This way you can have 30 Hz positional tracking with smooth 60 Hz rotational tracking.

Render resolution no longer hardcoded to 1440p (SteamVR)

Until today everything was always rendered at 2560x1440 and then downscaled to streaming resolution. Sometimes it was a huge waste of resources because if you have 720p phone it was rendering 4 times as many pixels as could be displayed. After this update it should render at stream resolution (with optional supersampling, see next paragraph).

This way 720p phone users should see huge performance increase (75% less pixels to render). 1080p phones will see lesser but still visible performance increase (~45% less pixels to render).

Render Scale (SteamVR)

Thanks to the previous change we can now provider further tweaking options to image quality.

You can now increase render scale up to 200% of stream resolution. This is sometimes called supersampling/SSAA. Please note that increasing this can drastically reduce your performance (framerate).

If your PC can barely handle VR game in its native resolution leave it alone. But on the other hand if you have GTX 980 Ti SLI you should be able to use it to the fullest, right?

Small changes

  • Removed gyroscope requirement from Play Store and added pop-up warning user that external tracking (FreeTrack) will be required.
  • Fixed custom (high) bitrates crashing Android streaming from time to time. The higher the bitrate the more likely it was too crash and lead to restoring connection loop.
  • Simplified SteamVR driver installation. Everything should be done automatically in 1-click now. If no SteamVR is found it will open SteamVR installation window from Steam
  • Fixed FreeTrack axes being mixed (yaw and pitch).

Preview of layout changes

It will be probably pushed live next week. We unified settings window. We're going to update Android looks too with nice sidebar and integrated FAQ. Website will see some changes too. We'll remove store as a part of website and all games will be simply downloadable from library. We're going to bring back custom games too if you want to add your favourite games to quick launch list.

Login window

Main window


  1. once again guys you never cease to amaze me!
    The only thing I would ask for is a simple shortcut on the android client to the usb tethering options as in its present in trinusvr!
    Looking forward the 1.0 release!

    1. Excellent idea, added to TODO list. :)

  2. Please , if you could optimize the application for MediaTek Helio X10 ...

    It is the only mobile in which I have problems, 35 / 45FPS and when I screenshot 59FPS for 3/4 min .

    Thanks for the work , but I still can not use it.

    1. We will have next round of Android optimizations after 1.0 release.

      This will include fixes for intel phones, some older samsungs and Mediatek CPUs.

    2. Thanks!!!

      This is my problem:

      1024x576 Low Quality 35/45FPS:

      1920x1080 Low Quality 35/45FPS:

      1920x1080 High Quality 35/45FPS:

      1920x1080 High Quality after making screenshot:

      The problem is only in mediatek. With Exynos 7420 I have always 60 FPS in all resolutions and quality.

  3. Rendering at 2560x1440 resolution with scale 100% looks better than rendering at native phone resolution (1280x720) with high scale. 2560x1440 with scale 100% looks ever better than 2560x1440 with scale 200% (aliasing appears)

    Compared SteamVR grid lines.
    2560x1440 scale 100% - thick lines without visible aliasing.
    2560x1440 scale 200% - thick lines with visible aliasing.
    1280x720 scale 100% - bold lines with a slight visible aliasing.
    1280x720 scale 200% - bold lines with huge amount of visible aliasing.
    Uploaded example screenshots:

    And a little feature request. Is it possible to add super-hidden option to correct gyroscope reading from phone? As you can see at screenshots my phone gyro slightly tilted left and there is no way to recalibrate it (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, goolged solution hard with no luck) Need just a 3 fields with numbers to compensate X Y and Z axis rotation. Would be useful for phones with miscalibrated gyros.

    1. Scaling issues should be fixed now after a hotfix. I'm gonna add a reminder to add rotation calibration offsets. It should be quick addition so (if nothing goes wrong) you can probably expect it to be available next week.

    2. Thank you! Scaling works now. Will be happy to see calibration offsets.

    3. Added calibration offsets:

    4. It works! Added "RotationOffsetZDeg": 2, and now my viewport perfectly horizontal! Thank you very much!

  4. Yeah, get that compositor 400 error, so waiting for a fix.

    Another thing I am missing is the VR Mode on vRidge. The icon simply isn't there. Any clues?

    1. VR mode is currently disabled.

      There is a workaround to 400 compositor error. Try changing quality settings to anything else than defaults. Automatic hotfix will be available in 1-2 hours.

    2. did the hotfix ever become available? which quality settings, PC or in game settings?

  5. The difference in Elite Dangerous is amazing , really ... It looks completely clear in 1080 - 200 % and constant 60FPS in the game.

    Hopefully you may solve the problem with my phone ( Meizu MX5 MediaTek Helio X10) . If I can achieve 60FPS is incredible .

    I have done tests on videos and if you get 60FPS , I think there is something that can not be 100% my core decoding the video.

    Very good work.

  6. How have 6DOF?

    You need a webcam, vridge/rifcat, steamvr, cardboard, printer and this:

    1. Print 3 images
    2. Place in Cardboard
    3. Connect your webcam.
    4. Install Opentrack, select Aruco and Start.
    5. Go to Riftcat / Click Here To Set Streaming Quality / Select Tracking: Phone orientation and FreeTrack position.
    6. Start your game.

    To me, works perfectly.
    Thanks developers , I just need 60FPS :P

    1. How did you get OpenTrack to understand the 3 markers. Mine resets when a new market is visible. (Aruco and Vridge)

  7. still getting error 400. any help?

    1. Can you try to change "render scale" in "stream quality" settings to 100% ? This might help if wrong settings were saved during bug peroid. If problem persists, please send us "vrserver.txt" and "vrcompositor.txt" from Steam/logs directory to and include link to your comment or nickname.

  8. so if i click on install steamvr there doesnt pop up a field that says register vridge drivers it just downloads steamvr
    do i have to delete existing drivers or something? and sorry if my english isnt the best

    1. SteamVR install should only pop up when no SteamVR is installed. Please follow the Steam instructions and install SteamVR first.

  9. Can you add HDMI OUT support for using all HMD displays, please?

    1. We're currently focused on mobile experience but we'll see what we can do in the future.

      You basically want to have an option to render to window that will be displayed to a monitor connected through HDMI, right?

  10. First my congratulations on the program, the feeling of playing vr steam is fabulous with my mobile.
    Now, I join the request of the Kogi user. Please add HDMI to the program, I have all in one glasses with android and streaming is amazing, I can not imagine how it would look with HDMI. For the benefit of all in one's glasses including HDMI.